Britain continue to expel the Russian diplomats residing in the country and several others around the world follow suit in response to the incident involving the alleged use of nerve agent to eliminate an ex Russian spy.

A couple weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, ‘Sergey Skripal’ and his daughter (visiting him from Russia) were reportedly found on a park bench clearly ill and exhibiting distressing behaviour. Since then they were taken into hospital care where they have been in a critical condition; this also applied to the police officer who was the first to arrive on the scene and also became ill (thereafter he was also rushed for hospital treatment).

Since the government knew that Mr Skripal was an ex- Russian spy, it could not be ignored that this was more than just a mere accident; and through further investigation it was found that a nerve agent belonging to the Novichok family was used to put him and his daughter in their current state. This has been a nerve agent known to be mostly be made in Russia.

Following this information, the British government has been pressuring Russia to answer for their alleged crimes and to no avail. Thus, in response to Russia’s clear dismissal of all accusations, the government have been expelling a high number of Russian diplomats that had been residing inside the country until questions are answered. This has led to over 20 countries worldwide expelling their own Russian diplomats as punishment for what Russia has done.

Though Russia will continue to deny all allegations, it is clear that this incident that started in a small town in southern England could possibly increase tensions between major powers in the world today and in an unknown future.