Who will effectively replace Alexis Sanchez ?

Arsene Wenger knows what is coming and clever as he is, is getting prepared for that. Alexis Sanchez has been simply the main attacking player of the team in the last few seasons. He has scored from left, right and center. The man is a footballing machine.

Anyone who sees him playing understand the meaning of having football in your blood. Now losing him to a Champions League position rival is worse than losing Van Persie to United. The reason? We all new Arsenal wouldn’t win the premier league anyway had they kept Persie.

What we know now is that if Alexis is not there to put that wonderful pressure on the opposing defence and to bang in the goals, Arsenal will be less likely to dispute with United one of the Champions League places the club desperately needs. So, how do they solve the double edged issue of replacing Sanchez effectively and appeasing the tumultuous fans? The answer Wenger is trying to give is: by improving the team offensively.

The plan seems to be, bring on Mkhytaryan, a player Wenger wanted before he switched to United and Aubameyang a goal scoring machine of the highest calibre.

The plan seems to be clear, very good and easy to sell to the supporters. The question is: will it be implemented as intended? So far Wenger has become the master of nearly signing excellent players.