It is like with every day that passes we are one step closer to that future of flying cars, robot servants in the house and virtual reality suits? Yes, finally we are able to answer the questions raised from movies like “The Matrix”, “Spy-Kids Game Over 3-D” and “Avatar” on topics like putting on suits to take us to a different world; well in this case at least feel like we’re in one.

The Tesla suit is a full body haptic suit that is designed to give the user different sensations as feedback is given to different parts of the suit. In this case it can be used for things such as Virtual reality games. There has already been a demonstration of it being used in a shooter type game where by every time a gun was being used, the real life sensation of the force from the gun was felt by the user.

The suit has the capability of motion capture and the company is looking into creating new ways to letting it have some form of climate control (so that the user can really feel the full sensation of whatever environment is chosen) and way to read the user’s vitals – In an interview, a representative of the team working on the suit explained how they are aiming to play with this idea and have images of the users body and their vital signs on the screen, even a picture of the heart.

They say that they are currently welcoming any software or game developers who have any ideas/concepts to use their suits in whatever way needed. They are especially looking from late 2018 onwards as that is when they hope to release the suit – also they want the VR goggles to catch on a bit more across other countries and companies before releasing something that works alongside it.

All this news means that maybe those old sci-fi movie classics won’t just be a figment of your imagination but something you can finally prepare to use in your living room to have you feeling like you are in another world.