Can WhatsApp Messages be traced ?

There is a lot of disconnected info about it. Some say it is possible others say it is not.

Many people say that some sort of investigation using powerful spying systems can lead to a possible source of the message.

WhatsApp message are essentially text files, Videos or Pictures. For text files, even if you are able to get to the source, they may have been altered or changed along the way, since text can be edited.

So, unless you have access to WhatsApp servers it will be incredible difficult to trace the original data source.

We will only know about it for sure if Facebook the owners of WhatsApp comes along and specifically says it is possible to be done.

Deleted Messages

It has been said that WhatsApp doesn´t delete your messages when you press delete on your device. You may press the delete button but a copy of your messages is kept.

“On Apple devices the app stores a "forensic trace" of all chats, be them "deleted, cleared, or archived", Jonathan Zdziarski found.

This means that instead of disappearing from the device as you'd expect, a trace of the chat remains in the phone. That trace could be reconstructed into its "original form" by someone with access to the device” as per this article in the Telegraph.

The article continues:“ It would be reasonable for WhatsApp users to expect message history to disappear from a phone when a conversation is deleted, especially given WhatsApp's focus on privacy and security: the app recently introduced end-to-end encryption. But instead of properly deleting messages, the app retains a memory of chats that could be recovered using forensic tools by law enforcement or anyone else with access to the device.”