Storm Emma-There's Snow Place Like Home

The Majority of England was hit with snow all over the country, where some (especially the young children) would have seen the white snow and been delighted; a lot of us who had places to be probably hated the sight of it.

From public transport travel disruptions to retail service cancellations; it seemed as if there was nowhere that was not affected negatively by the snow. Many were not able to get to work and thus this affected things like deliveries and even getting simple cabs.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, airports across the country had many cancelled flights and it was all down to this blizzard being known as “Storm Emma” which is set to continue to affect the country and potentially leaving up to 50 cm of snow.
This means that at least for the week, make sure you wrap up warm and cover – and start coming up with your best excuses for your bosses.