It’s been nearly two weeks since the film has been released and with all the hype and talk, how did the 8th edition to the famous Star Wars franchise fair? 

After having watched the film, it would be safe to say that the movie is definitely for  different types of fans and so there will be a lot of mixed feelings about the film. 

Looking generally at the film in itself, it seems to have focused a lot more on the action than most other films in the franchise. This may be due to the production company trying to  please both those coming for the actual story of the film and those for the special effects we have all come to love and enjoy from flying spaceships and flashy sabers.

It was clear that a lot of the music was flung in simply for the older fans who wanted to reminisce on the earlier films - as well as a few “Easter eggs” for those who really have done their homework before coming to see the film.

Some may even feel that there were too many scenes of just talking which may not have been necessary to get certain points across for the story to progress (also the fact that it was nearly a 3 hour movie it would have been nice to cut the talking and focused on my character development). This long amount of talking in the film made it hard to really focus on the different important parts of the movie at times.

That being said, for those that watched the last instalment, it was nice to see just how much of an important role “Kylo Ren “and “Rey” really played,  not just in this movie but it seems as though it set up a lot of things for the next movie. 

Hard-core star wars fans may question some of the side stories that may have included “Finn” and wanted it cut from the movie  to save time but he also had a few big parts in the movie which was also nice to see -  especially since in the last movie they did not do a good job in showing his heroism as  he was basically scared and useless majority of the time.

Even with this short review on points of the movie, this is definitely a movie that you need to watch as there are a lot of colourful action packed scenes which do their job of mesmerising the audience and many scenes  near the end that help set up the next movie in the instalment. A helpful suggestion would be to watch this movie in 3-D to really capture everything coming at you and enhance the experience.