Meet Sophia, your neighbourhood robot!


You may have already seen it on the news or clips all over the internet and we at FootyBiz are here to assure you that the new age of the robots taking over is not yet upon us but we seem to be getting pretty close. For a number of years technology has been bringing humans closer to making films like “iRobot” and “Blade Runner” seems more real with each new development; and this is evident in the newest creation in the artificial intelligence world known as your friendly neighbourhood robot, Sophia (pictured on the left). 

Sophia is the first of its kind and what makes her unique is that she is able to not only make her own decisions but perceive feelings and seems to feel herself. Last month she was officially granted citizenship in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia making her the first robot to be legally allowed to live among humans and of course her intelligence has since then been tested by many journalists and scientists looking to understand what makes her so special.

In the middle of this year, Sophia came to Britain to feature on the “Good Morning Britain show” where the presenters questioned her just to see what makes her tick.

As you can see she is able to respond and evidently interact with the presenters asking the questions, though you may just assume that it is just in her programming to respond to certain questions like how siri or Google would do on your phone. However, it is more to do with other features that leave those astounded when she responds, mainly her facial expressions as with every change it seems surreally human.

In an event honouring the citizenship of the robot she is seen partaking in another interview with a journalist whereby she is able to talk more in-depth not only responding but even doing so with a few jokes; this would ultimately show the audience (and the world) not only her capability to perceive emotions but she is evidently able to have a sense of humour – This is amazing because this has always been seen to be one of the many unique human characteristic that would always separate humans from other beings and yet here we witness that realm being touched by a creation of wires and bolts.

In conclusion, as ground-breaking or creepy as this development in artificial intelligence (or science) is, this is definitely only first step into what looks like a long path to actually creating the perfect humanoid robot.