When Evan Spiegel and his companions initially released the social app back in 2011, no one would have probably anticipated just how huge it would be from looking at it. Yet since then, there are now more than 187 million active users who are constantly using the app; regardless of where they are in the world.

Celebrities, Politicians, Teachers, your neighbour and probably you use the app due to its simplistic design and how easy it is to used navigate through – Literally it seems so easy to use that majority of kids are able to grasp all the new updates and features.

As of last week Snapchat had released an update which completely changed the whole design of the application and frankly, saying that it may have been the worst thing they had ever done would be an understatement and this seems to be the popular opinion.

The opinion is in fact so popular that a petition demanding made that the app be made to revert back to its previous design (before the latest update); a petition which has currently got over a million online signatures. There have been reports (apparently) from the company itself stating that due to the huge backlash that they are due to revert back to the old design on the 20th February. I guess Snapchat now fully understand that if it isn’t broken you really shouldn’t try to fix it.