THOR: Ragnarok (Short Review)

I am not really much of a movie man but if we are going to start looking at some of the new movies coming out, we have to start with THOR: Ragnorak. For those who love the whole Marvel franchise – and here we are talking about those who read the comics and really research behind the movies – this movie will most likely be something you can enjoy whilst laughing throughout.

A little background on the story, it is just another Thor story on his travels/adventures of him back home where he somehow manages to find himself in trouble that can endanger not only him but his whole planet so he must kick, scream and with his trusty hammer, fight his way to the end of what was definitely an thrilling movie.

 In fact I found that this was one of the more funnier marvel movies from start to finish as well as being quite simple to understand the plot from the beginning (sometimes I find that if I haven’t done any research on the film or the comic the film is based on then there are so many things that will fly over my head).

There was a surprise character introduced in the movie which was very good to see as it then became part of the main part of the story and then raised the humour level to another level; but all in all it was not the kind f humour that you would have to cover your children’s ears from but just the good-hearted chuckle here and there

Being about 2 hours, this movie had the right amount of action, drama and all around “ Heroes vs. Villain” struggle that we all love when Marvel delivers these type of movies; so I highly recommend you go watch this in cinemas with your friend or family while you still can as you definitely won’t regret it.