Since the release of the latest edition in the Star wars movie franchise, it has literally been pandemonium for anything related including the release of this long awaited game. This game is basically essential for the aspiring Star wars fan who wants to really dive into the world of Light sabers and storm troopers.

There are many different modes that you can play on this game but it seems like they focused mostly on the multiplayer aspects. Unlike the first game there is a “Campaign mode” (story mode) where you play as “Iden Versio” the commander of the special forces unit in the Imperial army known as “The Inferno Squad”. The story has quite an enjoyable plot with a few twists and turns here (not too wild but entertaining enough to keep attention) but what is also good is that some of your favourite characters are incorporated into the story so that you can relive some of your favourite star wars moments.

In terms of the multiplayer modes, there are many to choose from especially online. Having played countless hours on the PlayStation 4 console; I personally found it very enjoyable with the different modes. Aside from your general “team vs team” battles, you have objective based missions where anywhere from 8 to 40 players can be involved in a long war of strategic assaults and timing then you have battles in space where you have objectives to take down airships or protect points in the sky from enemy attacks. There is even a mode where you can play the very fast paced and intense  “Heroes vs Villains” pitting your favourite star wars heroes and villains against each other.

 If you know about the game then you know how much of a hit the first Battlefront game was, though the real “tech nerds” had a few things to say about the game (mostly constructive things) but because it was such a revolutionary game all the flaws were mostly overlooked. The main controversy about this game was that originally players were made to buy upgrades with real money in order to get an upper hand on others which the gaming community were not too happy about whatsoever – since then the game made several major updates including taking out the real money system, though it is not sure if it is temporary or permanent.

All in all, I find it one of the more entertaining games that I have played (and currently still playing) and would suggest all star wars fans and in fact all genuine adventure/sci-fi gamers to go to your local store to buy this or download it on console.