In the recent years, the online movie streaming company Netflix has been releasing a lot of original shows and movies as a possible means to compete with the traditional Hollywood cinema type films that most are normally used to. The success of the releases has shown the world that it really does not just stop at Hollywood and this movie was no exception.

The movie is set in a strange future where everything literally seems like it came out of a modernised urban fairy-tale with your usual Elves, Fairies and all around creatures (with a bit more of an ugly twist in terms of looks). Scott Ward (Will Smith) is an old cop who is looking to finish his last few assignments without any hitches after coming back from an assignment that went wrong due to the only Orc cop to be admitted on the force ever, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) – This is an issue looked down upon by many since “Orcs” have been deemed to be evil for several hundred years and so having one on a force committed to do good has not gone down well.

On Scott’s first day back everything seems to be going smoothly with the usual prejudice of having Nick on the team, as well as seeing the clear divide in classes between Humans, Elves and Orcs in the society but something dark and sinister is coming through the city, and it may be up to the duo to finally stop an old evil.

In all honesty it is not a “blockbuster”, “mind blowing” movie that you absolutely must see. I would like to think it is literally how it seems to have come across, which is a fantasy/action movie with a few twists that is sure to keep the audience (even if a little) moderately entertained until the end. It is always nice to see Will Smith in an action role especially in a movie where he sometimes borders the lines between good and bad. It is also a movie that I feel addresses common issues in society like the division of classes and clear racism in all sectors.

The plot was a little dry considering how they build the whole story and there was a bit more fake blood and death than I had expected from a fantasy movie so I would not suggest this type of movie for your 10 year old son. Other than that, if you were to take it for how it is, then it is popcorn movie you could watch when you have time with friends and mature family.