Let’s go for a ride!

It seems as though every day, scientists are coming up with new ways to make all the Sci-fi films and shows we have ever loved come closer to reality – For example “Star Wars”, “Futurama” and even “The Jetsons”. However, something that over the years has become more and more likely to be the future of human life is transportation, how we might ride around or better yet; how our ride might get us around.

For the last couple years Google (or its sibling technology company Waymo) had been tinkering with different ways to finally make the dream of having self-driven cars a reality with surprising results. In late May 2014, the first prototypes were tested by a focus group and then recorded to show to the world the possibilities of having these types of cars on public roads, with a lot of positive feedback.

Of course at the time there were many different restrictions and limitations on the prototypes due to safety reasons but the whole experience was very informative for the team working in California and since then has helped them come so very far.

For example, in September 2015, another test drive was conducted this time with a very much updated/improved Google car with a blind passenger and nothing to rely on but the car software and sensors on a public road.

In the video the audience is able to see what looks to be the program of the car moving through the roads as well as the front camera images of wherever it is travelling so that we can also see just how smooth a trip the passenger was taking - In all honesty seemed as if the whole ride was very relaxing and safe (a perfect drive really) which just went to show the audience how far of a jump in progression they had come from the last year. 

Now 2 years on, December 1st 2017, near the end of this year of scientific marvels, Waymo are now in talks of finally putting hundreds of their cars on public streets needing only approval from local government and those in the driving and safety departments. Of course there are many safety concerns with one of the main worries being how “street-smart” a self-driven car is especially when you cannot always “calculate” the occurrence of a Car accident - or reacting to one for that matter.

All in all , with all this news of the cars finally being able to be used on public roads we are very much that much closer to living a real world sci-fi film where we can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!