Don't Marry to be Happy

Two common mistakes newlyweds make


  • High expectations

Sometimes we expect too much from marriage. We expect immediate changes for the better.

We may want a bigger or better house than the one we live in. I near perfect partner that will support us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want somebody to cook and iron for us.

Would also help if our partner could be a house keeper that will have it comfortable for when we comeback tired from the pressures of the outside world. Plus, this person will be a good lover, friend and have a good sense of humour.

  • People marry to be happy

It seems normal and ok to want to be happy when we get married. I think we should change priorities. When we want to be happy, we expect our husband or wife to take the lead in making us happy. We expect the person to live up to that expectation. We are not fully sure if the person is up for that task, yet we will judge him or her based on our requirements.

What if we get married wanting to make the other person happy? What would be the impact of that? We would not judge or expect too much but instead we would do our utmost to make the loved one happy. What if he or she had the same intention?

The result would be two people really engaged in making the other happy. Forgiving, being tolerant and serving would be the norm and smiles, hugs and much kissing would follow up.