Iphone 10? Xplain it to me”

Since the announcement of the new Apple iPhone releases back in September, the IPhone X and 8 have really lived up to their initial hype; but are they really worth the hefty price tags slapped on both of them?

In all honesty majority of the people who already had an apple phone would have expected for the IPhone 8 to just be an improvement of the 7 (which in itself had a few issues that many did not agree with when first released last year); so, when Apple not only announced the features of the 8 but also the amazing introduction of the IPhone X to celebrate the company’s anniversary, the average consumer would quite rightfully be cautious of what they were getting themselves into.

What are the major differences you should look out for?

Well, one of the most obvious differences you will see on the IPhone X is the removal of the home button which means no more having to tap your dirty home button especially with the removal of Touch ID. This change not only allows for a bigger and clearer display but allows for the even greater new feature, the Face ID.

For those who may have tuned in to the special apple event you may have seen the little mishap made when this feature was not exactly shown in its best light due to the blunder upon demonstrating the facial recognition feature.

This new feature uses the front facing camera by analysing the user’s face; it is supposed to be easier and much smoother to use than the Touch ID feature of previous model and also works even if someone is wearing glasses, hats and some covered faces – some may not feel the need for such a change as the touch ID was fine just the way it is (unless of course your hands were really dirty).

The camera can capture pictures and film in 4K picture quality (which for the price makes sense) and is one of the first apple models to allow the phone to charge wirelessly with the dock charger. However for the high price of around $1000, you need to consider a few negatives that people have.

One being the “notch” that can be seen due to the new larger display on the 10 screen which means that until Apple update more of the software or apps become updated to adjust the screen then it will always be a nuisance to people.

Also in comparison to the IPhone 8 plus for example, there is not much difference in terms of display quality which may entice people to buy the cheaper model rather than the more expensive one for luxurious purposes.

That was just a quick run-down of the phone and hopefully this will help you to decide on what t buy in terms a new IPhone so as not to spend and regret your decision this winter holiday.