Hyper Loop – the future of travel?

Last year October, many around the world were in talks of trying to create a revolutionary way of transport via high speed trains across states in America. A few months later this thought then became more of a reality when more famous entrepreneurs like Richard Branson decided to invest his own money into it. Now in 2018, contracts are being made and set as plans for creating the trains due to commence not only in the States, but in England and India too.

There were many ideas that had circled since 2013 but it is only now (with a lot more financial backing and many businessmen actually believing in the ideas) that any work is able to come to fruition.

In the US the transportation would be known as the “Hyper loop” which would basically be a long set of tubes running across thousands of kilometres in places like deserts, forests and even underground (I can imagine that the possibility of taking it across rives and oceans would have been discussed). Talks have also sparked serious interest in England as the “high-speed railway” would be extremely beneficial to commuters who go cross country every day for work.