In the last couple months the game “Fortnite” (available on all major gaming consoles) has probably been one of the more popular games that people have been playing and with such a growing hype about it I had to check it out for myself.

Fortnite is what is known as a “sandbox game” which emphasises the player’s freedom to explore the open world deciding on whatever objectives they would like to complete for overall progress. This game is a FPS (First person shooter) game that is centred more on its whacky style of characters and environments.

Players are thrown into a large world whereby they must survive until there is only one player left; the only catch is that the environment surrounding them is getting smaller. This means that players have 3 objectives:

  1. Avoid getting eliminated by players;
  2. Stay ahead of the storm making their environment smaller
  3. Winning before either step hits you.

As I have said in a previous review I am honestly not a fan of any shooter type game but this is a game which focuses more on the whacky player styles, weapons and environment so I took it for what it was and had more fun than expected. You are able to play either solo, duo or in a squad and I was able to play this in all modes and it really is a game that needs teamwork in order for you to really excel at it (without getting eliminated in the first couple minutes).

You start out in what is called a “battle bus”, which is really just a bus with a parachute flying over the map and you are to jump off and sky dive down to wherever you want on the map to try and scout for weapons as fast as you can before everyone else.

If you go too far away from the centre you’ll probably be safe from players but not the enclosing storm; however if you go too close to players, then you will surely be ambushed before you even have a chance to gather your surroundings.

Though this was a very quick take on the game I say that if you are in doubt just give it a try as it is free on most major consoles now so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go and see what you think, who knows you might have fun yourself.