Drake's Scary Hours is real artwork

The crowned “King of the 6” and one of the most iconic artists of hip-hop right now, Drake has recently released his EP entitled “Scary Hours” featuring two songs both very different and yet still showing off his different music styles.

As this is officially the first release of the year  the Toronto rapper has dropped, it was very much met with a lot of hype and attention.

In fact the song “God’s plan” was officially announced as breaking the streaming records of Spotify and Apple Music on its first day of release which just goes to show just how much of an impact his music has on the world – it was around 14 million streams worldwide on its first day.

The first of the songs entitled “God’s plan” has that trademark feel-good and catchy vibe that Drake has consistently brings each year at least once whenever he pops up with his projects.

 What many may feel is so good about the track is along with the smooth variety of flows; it is just filled with so many different and relatable quotes. An example would be: She says “do you love me?” I tell her “only partly”, I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry” or even the catchy hook talking about how even though he is going through many issues with partners and friends it seems to all be a part of the plan God has for him.