You read correctly, for the Toronto superstar rapper in his new music video for the most streamed song so far, he simply gave money away to different people and recorded doing so. The video was released yesterday and has already accumulated over 12 Million views on YouTube, so of course I had to take a look at what all the fuss was about (aside from it being Drake releasing a video).

What’s funny about how the video starts is that it literally starts off by telling the viewer the budget of the video and how they actually spent the money luring the audience immediately into the video; did he really give that money away? We want to find out so we are not going to even dare skip this video. This is followed by what seems to be a local man talking about his past and I guess it’s a suitable way to start as he seems happy and grateful just to be alive.

The song drops and begins showing the many “good Samaritan” acts of Drake helping the public by stepping into a grocery store and announcing that he would be paying for everybody’s shopping  followed by a number of scenes throughout the  video where he is giving bundles of money to strangers.

It is a feel-good song and so the video must match, which it does especially with all the heart-warming reactions of the people that he presents the cash to as they seem like they have gone through a lot in life. Many of the people cried whilst some were just happy to see their favourite artist in the flesh giving them just what they needed.

A few notable points were when he donated a cheque of $50,000 to a student as a scholarship fee as well as presenting money to a family who had been running an outreach programmer in the area.

All in all,  the video was a very warm, smooth and joyful one which can be added to another memorable one for the books that one of the world’s best artists keeps bringing to the table.