How to get out of the dark times at Arsenal

 There is no denying that these are dark times for Arsenal FC. Before the 0-2 win against a resurgent AC Milan, four defeats in a row in all competitions, out of the premier league champions league race, a deeply dissatisfied fan base, a team extremely low in confidence and a manager who does not seem capable of lifting the fighting spirit of his players.

What to do in such circumstances?

First let the season end – It is not going to get any better soon so give the players’ time to rest and relax. Let the disappointments and tension go. Come the end of the current campaign, look at the squad and decide what needs change and act decisively.

Do not let Wenger make all the decisions alone regarding the first team – We know what is going to happen. He will convince himself that all the players need is a “lifting of their confidence” and achieved with some pep talk.

Do one of the two:

Force Wenger to resign 

Pay him the remaining of his contract and an extra compensation – He has been loyal to the club for over twenty years and has been a dedicated soldier that (albeit not a very successful one on the later stages of his career) deserves his reward.

After paying him, go out and get a proven manager of the highest caliber (NOT another Wenger). You can get someone like Simeone, Valverde, or Conte and Give them the funds to rebuild the defense and the midfield. By doing all this early in the summer, it will allow the team to gel.

Keep Wenger for an extra year. 

Force him not to think or care too much about the so called “financial good” of the club and once and for all be a man and do what is expected of a top manager – To stop caring too much about the players egos, sentiments and all the mambo jumbo that brings no titles and go to the market and get the players the team needs. Let some underperforming defenders go and bring in new personnel, with a track record of winning and leading at their clubs.

The fans also have a role to play when things are this dark. They need to show their true colors and support the team. They need to be vocal in supporting the players at game time, win or lose, and forget about all the politics going on at Arsenal about Wenger staying or not.

Win and lose together should be the mentality.