Even though this news comes so close into the April fool’s day, this is unfortunately not a joke! The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 is hurtling towards earth since the morning and has recently re-entered the atmosphere.

The “Tiangong-1” space station is operated by the China National Space administration and was launched back in 2011 where in the few years after, different space crews were able to board for different projects (as China are known to keep a lot of their projects quite low-key, it is not widely known what the missions were about).

However, in 2016 the Chinese flight controllers lost full control of the space station and could only watch as it decayed in orbit around the earth. Only in the last couple weeks have the public been really attentive to the orbit of the station as it was estimated to crash from about March 30th to April 2nd 2018.

Should we be worried? Not so much. This is for many different reasons.

One reason is the fact that the majority of the debris would burn upon re-entry (even after a good percentage of it would have already burned just before that) meaning only an estimated 10-40% of the “space junk” would survive.

Another reason as to why this may not cause so much panic is because from the day it lost control, majority of the space agencies around the world (including China), have been tracking the orbit. Thus, they have all been pretty safe in assuming that even if it does crash with great force, it would most likely be in the Ocean.

Well, time will tell just what happens at the end of this race against time. Hopefully we are all able to wake up to nothing but a big splash in the ocean somewhere as we countdown the time until it hits the earth.