CES 2018

On January 9th marked the beginning of the exciting and revolutionary 3-day event known as the “Consumer Electronics Show “(CES) is being hosted in Las Vegas, but what is so special about this event?

At CES all major electronic companies (excluding Apple) have their chance to dazzle and amaze guests (and the world) their newest gadgets and inventions that will soon hit the public the coming year. This is an event where around 3,900 companies exhibit their works to the public including many business leaders

who could potentially invest in them. From the most futuristic looking Television screens to the intricate electronic toys which will have kids entertained for hours, anything that is certainly sure to peak anyone’s interest will be displayed at the event.

Each company has their own session/ presentation where they show there latest and upcoming works as well as other minor companies showing their gadgets at different stalls – this is literally the grand marketplace for electronic enthusiasts!

 A selected few hundred people are able to be there in person otherwise you are able to find live streams and summaries online of some of the exciting events.