Last night was the grand show that many have come to love at this time of year in British culture with the Brits Awards show. A show that has been on-going since the 70’s it has become one of the more renowned and respected shows that an artist can attend or be lucky enough to be a part of.

Hosted by the comedian/actor Jack Whitehall giving the audience at home a joyful laugh (at the unfortunate expense of the many artists there) accompanied by performances from acts and nominees such as Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Jorja Smith and even Kendrick Lamar, it looked to be a successful evening.

There were a few questionable moments in the show however especially with Kendrick Lamar’s performance whereby ITV had probably left viewers at home a tad bit annoyed with the amount of censoring that was plastered all over the performance – on a show that was airing after 9PM which some may deem acceptable to air everything. Some took to social Medias to express their opinions and even question the organisation of the show itself.

Aside from that, great performances from Dupa Lipa and her army of her dancers and Stormzy managing to perform “Blinded by your Grace” through a shower of water and a variety of artists all receiving awards; it was an overall grand night for the show.