Rapist John Worboys expected release has been overturned and denied by a new parole panel that have looked into his case due to the coming forth of two victims who feel that he still needs to be locked up.

Iin 2009, John Worboys was found guilty for the crimes of rape, sexual assault and drugging charges whereby he was sentenced to a minimum serving of 8 years imprisonment. It was said that though only 12 victims were brought to the case, he may have allegedly attacked hundreds more making him one of the more prolific rapists – thus giving him the name of the “Black cab rapist”.

Throughout his time in prison he initially continued to deny all allegations (as he did when the trial started) but after a few months his attitude changed. Finally “admitting” to his mistakes, he said he felt ashamed of his actions and wanted to redeem himself for his actions.

Many felt that he was faking this whole attitude in order to get a more lenient time (with the minimum being less likely the more he denied his actions) and thus his “progress” in prison was constantly being reviewed. By 2015, psychologists were claiming that he would be a minimal threat to the community with less than likely chance of reoffending; this however angered a lot of people leading to this overturn today being made. 

Over the last few years, claims of mistakes throughout the case and charges not being considered have been looming over the trial. These factors came up again this week as victims pleaded for the release of Worboys to be overturned due to the safety of his victims.

Only time will tell what the new parole board dealing with the decision will do in the future, but for now, the victims feel a lot safer knowing that he is still locked away far from causing any more harm.