“Can I pay by ring?”

How many times have you been out and about, dependant on your card for payments only to lose it when you so desperately need it?

Now with the “Halo” ring you can make all transactions with the simple touch of the ring on your finger. Being introduced in Australia to ‘Bank West’ customers/account holders (for roughly $39); it is the fast growing new way to pay when it comes to contactless transactions.

The ring starts up when it comes in contact with the terminal so there is no need for it to be charged or turned on manually (like smart watches and phones), this makes it much more convenient since you do not have to worry about limited energy consumption.

It is made to be safer than your average bank card as it also has 24/7 fraud protection, non-transferable and is waterproof so it can literally be taken with you out in any weather.

It is hoped that in the future these types of wearable gadgets will revolutionise how we live our lives but for now we will wait to see just how quick this useful tool catches on.