Twitter has been going crazy over a video posted where very disturbing racial chants are being sung whilst a black student is filming from the confines of her dorm room.

A few days ago, a tweet was posted by user “@rufarochisango_” with a video attached of her filming the disturbance outside of her accommodation room in Northampton Trent University. The video shows her recording just outside her door and the viewer to hear what seems to be a drunken group of students chanting and singing “We hate the blacks!”

At some point in the video another student can be heard trying to downplay the situation by also singing contrary remarks like “The blacks and the whites congregating!” but to no avail as the two main culprits continue their remarks even shouting louder – bearing in mind they most likely knew full well of their fellow student living right next door to where they were.

After posting the video on social media, many users were outraged and attempted to complain to the university including friends and family of the individual. Eventually it has emerged today that two 18 year old students have been arrested in connection to the events and the University was alerted and were “shocked” by what had happened that night.

Unfortunately this just goes to show that racism is still alive and active in many communities around the UK, even in Universities who have a wide diversity of people studying there.