Apple apology for slow iPhone

After years of debating whether or not IPhones really start getting slower after each update, it has finally come to light that part of this is actually true and Apple has apologised for this long ongoing issue. 

Many who have an IPhone know about the usual slow down after each new version is released and now Apple have not only announced that they had been doing so on purpose but did it because otherwise the phone would not be able to keep up with the

newer version of IOS.This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but when you take into account some of the warranty policies when buying an iPhone aswell as the countless wasted hours people had to endure whenever calling up the support line or going into the stores when the company should have been able to let customers know of what was going on.

This issue is more to do with why the information was withheld from the public and thus in terms of lawsuits, depending on what exactly was not revealed and the unsatisfactory justice some people feel they will not have, it could be a field day.

Aside from the apology,  and in an attempt to gain consumer trust again they are offering battery changes at their store for a much cheaper price until the end of 2018 on all iPhones 6 and above.