CES 2018


At the CES 2018 event where Sony had their show to present their upcoming gadgets it was clear that Sony came to deliver the same high quality of products that people had expected (most of them mainly being improvements or secondary edition following their first models) from the tiniest noise cancelling earphones to the largest yet sleekest tv screens.

Amongst all the flashy products they were showing off to release, they were able to surprise the audience with a cute member of the Sony production line known as AIBO. AIBO is a small robotic dog with artificial intelligence that essentially acts like a dog but with much more smarter capabilities.

In the video link (made by the YouTube Channel ”iphonedo”), a representative of the company is being interviewed on some of the features that AIBO displays and how in the future( through constant user input), there will always be an update to what the dog can do – new tricks and capabilities.

He explains how the dog has numerous sensors which help with response and the awareness of its surroundings as well as cameras in the front (nose) and back (behind his tail) to help – this helps with also allowing it to find its own charging station to “fall asleep”.

Now we need to remember that this is a robot dog with artificial intelligence, so he also went on to explain how AIBO would be able learn the sleeping habits of this in the house (so there would be no need to worry about it running around making random noises in the middle of the night) and also referring back to the sensors, there are pads on the paws of AIBO which the user can program different “tricks” which eventually it will be able to differentiate and use them to react to different touches/senses – An example would be like programming AIBO to dance everytime a new member of the house comes through the door, it would eventually be able to recognise people that have come before and not need to dance.

After looking at what Sony has done to take a simple toy and make it a potential playful member of the family home, you should probably get ready to see more of AIBO’s in households around the world