This is the new app that could potentially revolutionise the way we shop from now on when it comes to going into stores. Originally this app was for assisting blind people with shopping by identifying products when a camera is pointed at it. 

Someone who is visually impaired would be able to hear the name of the product or anything that the app identifies once the camera is pointed to it and they would be aware of the object or even surroundings. The company decided to take it a step further and make it so that customers would be able to buy products without queuing. How so?

In the same way that the app camera is designed to identify anything that it points to, they use the same method in putting a camera in different points of a store and identify whatever the customer is doing or in this case, what it is that they have put in their basket – as long as the camera catches it and some form of payment method has been initiated at the start of the shopping trip, then the customer would be able to buy whatever whilst everything is logged onto the system tracking them.

Just imagine, soon we will not have to queue and we will be able to literally pop in and out of the store as quick as you can without any hassle or loss of time.